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Journal of Computational Science and Intelligent Technologies (JCSIT) is an open-access journal. Aim of this journal is to share knowledge and encourage the researchers among the research community worldwide but not for the revenue. It will publish original, high quality, peer-reviewed research papers and review articles dealing with Computational Science and Intelligent Technologies related topics.Computational science, also known as scientific computing or scientific computation (SC), is a rapidly growing field that uses advanced computing capabilities to understand and solve complex problems. It is an area of science which spans many disciplines, but at its core, it involves the development of models and simulations to understand natural systems. Algorithms (numerical and non-numerical): mathematical models, computational models, and computer simulations developed to solve science (e.g., biological, physical, and social), engineering, and humanities problems. Computer hardware that develops and optimizes the advanced system hardware, firmware, networking, and data management components needed to solve computationally demanding problems. The computing infrastructure that supports both the science and engineering problem solving and the developmental computer and information science. In addition, it focuses on Intelligent Technologies (also known as artificial intelligence technologies) in the field of Automatic speech recognition, Natural language processing, Visual Recognition, Text Recognition, Big data, Data science, Expert systems, Robotics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Cognitive Intelligence. The journal is dedicated towards dissemination of knowledge related to the advancement in scientific research. The prestigious interdisciplinary editorial board reflects the diversity of subjects covered in this journal.



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MNAA Pub World is one of the leading not for profit international publisher, founded in the year 2020. The aim is "to encourage the researchers and their works in the field of medicine, science, engineering, technology and education for making a new world" and objectives is "to make new a platform for sharing the researcher's innovations and their developments, ideas, technologies all over the world".

It publishes the journals serial issues and conference proceedings as per the publication's ethics and norms. In addition to journals and conference proceedings, the MNAA Pub World also publishes tutorials and standards that are produced by its standardization committees. The article will be removed from the issues without any prior warning/notice to the author in case of violating laws and publications ethics.

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